Civil War Reenactors West Virginia Cavalry Company C First Regiment



Welcome to the First Regiment West Virginia Cavalry, Company "C" web site.  Our Organization The "First Regiment West Virginia Cavalry, Inc" is (501) (3-C) non-profit educational living history re-enactment group.   We are a family oriented organization. The purpose of the 1st WV Cavalry is to educate the public through civil war living history and reenacting.   If you are interested in re-enacting and having fun while doing it we would love to welcome you and your family to join us.


Events are open to all family members who are required to be in period dress as either soldier or civilian.   We are a family oriented group which participates in events within West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virgina, and Maryland.

If you think you have what it takes to be a Civil War Reenactor, please fill out our application for membership today.

If you have any question please reach out to one of the command staff.

We want you for US Cavalry!


Membership Application

Cavalry Uniform and Equipment

The following list of equipment is what you would be required to purchase to participate in an event.  Although equipment can be expensive at certain sutlers, we can provide some loaner gear or point you in the right direction to get the best deal for your money.  Please check with your squad leader before purchasing.

Cavalry Shell

(Dress Uniform)


Sack Coat


Sky Blue Trousers - Cavalry version has a padded seat, but would only be required if you were riding - Suspenders will be needed

Period Shirt (any color)

Boots or Brogans

Slouch Hat,  Kepi, or Bummer

1840 Heavy Saber or 1860 Light Saber

(For inspection only, usually not taken on the field)

Leathers - Saber Belt, Cap Pouch, Holster, Carbine Cartridge Box, and Carbine Sling.

(Pistol Cartridge box - but not necessary)

Sharps Carbine 1859

Sharps Carbine 1863

Smith Carbine

Spencer Carbine

1858 Remington

 1860 Colt Army

 1861 Colt Navy